A simple plant care guide for newbies

Do you want you had a couple of more plants in your current home, and achieve the urban jungle mood you actually have been dreaming of? Keep reading for some recommendations on where to start.

One of the greatest approaches to learning how to look after your green buddies is to be reasonable and begin with something simple: while orchids and pretty flowers may look so eye-catching, you don't want to get something which is too tricky to take care of. Therefore, give some thought to the types of indoor plants that are easier to look after, which means you will definitely begin to get would once including them in your routine, and then it will develop into easier to level up. According to self declared plant dad Frank Zweegers, who sometimes uses his plants as inspiration for his art, the best indoor plants for beginners are definitely cacti and succulents, as they require very little watering (so it will be not a huge deal if you fail to remember to water them for a couple of days, or when you go on vacation) and can commonly live in direct sunlight.

In terms of having plants at home, one of the trickiest ways that folks frequently overlook is watering: needless to say, indoor and outdoor plants will actually have very several needs when it comes to watering, and generally you will not have to water your houseplant much more than once or twice a week. A number of the best indoor plants, like pothos, can really thrive in a humid environment, so you could place them in your bathroom: as long as you understand the humidity of the assorted rooms at home, as explained by Dominique Fox, you will appreciate when to water them. Some plants will even let you understand when they need water: one of the staples of your typical peace lily care is that the leaves will drop a little bit whenever the soil is too dry, therefore make sure you listen to your plants and do not overwater!

A thing to bear in mind when you are contemplating how to take care of plants in your own home is that every space is distinctive, and there is no exact rule that will fit perfectly for your house. Be aware of your space, and be clever about how you choose to place your plants: if a certain plant calls for lots of sunlight, and the orientation of your bedroom window means that you never actually get direct sunlight, then perhaps it would be worth settling that plant in a brighter room. On the other hand, some common house plants want a great deal of light but direct rays may burn their leaves, just so maybe prevent placing them on your windowsill, or invest in some see-through white curtains that will let the light in but block the direct rays. Artists like Nicole Patel, who frequently feature their plants in their works, might be an inspiration on how to position plants at home.

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